• Danielle Rowarth - Present Holdings

    With a few simple, inexpensive ideas Michelle transformed my clinic space into a warm, inviting healing space. She encouraged me to de-clutter and to think about what was important to keep and what I needed to let go of. The room feels so different, my clients are loving it and I'm enjoying every minute of being in there. Michelle has an intuitive understanding of what works and she created a space that was a reflection of myself and my work.
  • Racheal Nelson - Gorgeous mother of 4

    I felt anxious about preparing our house for sale but Michelle has made it an enjoyable and very satisfying experience. Michelle’s ability to declutter and present our home for sale was amazing, her ideas and energy astounded me. Michelle came and worked with me in our home for four days cleansing, decluttering and styling our home. I couldn’t have ever achieved such a fantastic result on my own. Friends and family could not believe the transformation of our house. The environment Michelle created was inviting with wide open spaces, a calmness and interesting little areas as focal points. Our house sold within two weeks of being on the market, I strongly believe this was due to the fantastic work Michelle put into preparing and styling our home. I would recommend Michelle’s services to anyone who is about to put their house on the market.
  • Kath & Brett Essing - Love their Home

    My husband and I have just completed a renovation that has doubled the size of our house. The details of this were beyond what either of us understood. I am so grateful for the assistance of Michelle in this process. She came on board with fresh eyes and an enthusiastic spirit. Working together she enabled us to break down the process and focus on what mattered. Michelle helped us make some last minute changes to our design that have been integral to the success of our house becoming our home. I trusted Michelle to make decisions for me because she always heard my requests. I am proud of what we have created and could not have done it without Michelle’s guidance and expertise. I would recommend her to anyone who was overwhelmed with the process of interior decorating and is committed to creating a home that is a representation of you.