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I'm Michelle Greene, a  Master Qigong Instructor, qualified holistic art therapist and the energy behind Pure Greene. I've been practising Qigong, Chinese Martial Arts, movement & art therapies and various forms of meditation for over 20 years, and sharing many practices for the past 8 years.

I've created Pure Greene as a wellness space to share Qigong, Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy and mindfulness practices. I offer in-person and online classes, workshops and retreats teaching you and embodying you with the tools to harmonise Mind, Body and Spirit. These are unique, whole-self, nourishing and empowering experiences open to everyone.

Today, my focus and my joy is sharing the tools for you to create space for the breath & self-healing, to nurture your body, maximise your energy levels and clear & calm your mind.

Enhance YOU to be more of YOU.

Michelle x

  • A weekly Qigong group class in Sunshine Beach. 8 week course.

    184 Australian dollars

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