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Qigong can be thought of as a moving meditation. Slow, deep breaths are co-ordinated with profound yet simple movements, intention and creative visualisation. 

Qigong is a self-empowering practice that encourages health & longevity, reduces stress & anxiety, develops strength,co-ordination & flexibilty and promotes energy & wellbeing.

Some more benefits of Qigong:

1. Well-being and improved health.

2. Clear and tranquil mind.  If you have a tranquil mind, you will make better decisions and have the skill to know when act and when to be still.

3. Deeper, more restorative sleep. 

4. Increased energy, including sexual vitality.

5. Comfortable warmth. Circulation improves.

6. Clear skin. The skin, like the intestines, is an organ of elimination. According to Chinese medicine, as your qigong improves, your body eliminates toxins, and the skin becomes clear.

7. Happy attitude. 

8. More efficient metabolism. Digestion improves, and hair and nails grow more quickly.

9. Greater physiological control. This means that aspects of the body that were imbalanced or out of control begin to normalize, for example, breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels, and states of chronic inflammation or depletion.

10. Bright eyes. 

11. Intuition and creativity. Intuition and creativity generate each other and come from the same source, an awakened brain and being, an ability to think with the gut, to feel with the mind.

12. Spiritual effects. Advancement in qigong is often accompanied by a variety of spiritual experiences.

Source: Care2 Healthy Living

Ziran Qigong is a progressive set of exercises that retains all the original concepts and benefits associated with traditional Qigong, while following a style of practice that uses terms and expressions that modern people can associate with and understand. The main aim of Ziran Qigong is to obtain an understanding of one’s mind and body and the link between the two.

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