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I'm Michelle Greene, a  Master Qigong Instructor and the energy behind Pure Greene. I've been practising Qigong, other Chinese Martial Arts, movement therapies and various forms of meditation for over 16 years.

Pure Greene has been created as a wellness portal to share Qigong, Art Therapy and other Mindfulness practices. Classes, Workshops and Retreats are all offerings, teaching you and embodying you with the tools to harmonise Mind, Body and Spirit. Unique, whole-self, nourishing and empowering experiences. 

"Today, my focus and my joy is sharing the tools for people to create space for the breath & self-healing, to nurture their body, maximise their energy levels and calm their mind.” 

Michelle x


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Qigong is really making a difference to how I feel. I feel calm and invigorated at the same time :)) especially the day after class. I think you have achieved a great balance with teaching… giving gentle instruction but also enough quiet time to allow us to focus and remain in that meditative state while we learn. Thank you!!

Jo - Peregian Beach

Thank you for today. I love the learnings.


I love every practice & I love “it”.. (Qigong).... like I love life. 

the internal science is so revelatory.


 ... in the past, my practice has always been done on my own.

But to now do this practice with others now, is so humbling.

 I’ve never shared my “Qigong space” with others before.


On Tuesday morning... I cried. 

I had an overwhelming outpouring of such grief during our session.  It was unsettling but cathartic.


I want to thank you again for your wonderful appreciation in teaching this art...& I am really enjoying the infiltration of each element at different times of the day. 


It usually hits me when I least expect it.  I never know if it’s going to be medical, spiritual, martial or physical in its release.

Lou - Sunshine Coast

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