Art & Journaling

Michelle has been journaling for over 30 years and loves sharing and encouraging the expression, connection and emotional release that comes through creative journaling.  Journaling can include writing, drawing, painting, collage, stamping and so much more. It's freedom to let go, create, express and just be.

Join Michelle in a creative journaling or art play workshop and give yourself the chance to connect to joy through art. Be a child again with freedom to express through the written word, colour and creativity. Michelle's workshops are guided but allow you to bring to life your inner thoughts, emotions and desires. The workshops are held in safe, nurturing spaces and usually start with a grounding meditation to support and enhance your session.


NEW WORKSOP - Mindful Art Play. Friday 14th May 


Michelle holds a Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy. She has a passion for sharing and helping people create space to move forward and enjoy their life journey.